Schedule vessels better than yesterday.

A graphic showing how Vantage helps people in ports make better decisions by bringing all their best information together into one, easy to use dashboard.

Increase safety, reduce risks, load extra cargo and allocate the right resources at the right time. Vantage assists everyone involved with moving ships in and out of port by putting all of the best information in their hands.

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Uncertainty Means Two Things


  • Grounding if we’re unclear how much water is under the vessel.
  • Overloading which restricts access to or from the berth.
  • Weather Changes that cause difficulty in maneuvering.

Missed Opportunities

  • Loading Window longer than expected meaning less cranes could have been used.
  • Queued Vessels that could have slow-steamed to arrive at the right time.
  • Underloading when more water was available = lost profits.

Remove the Uncertainty.

Use Vantage

Right from the smartphone in your hand or the computer on your desk, Vantage assists everyone involved in moving a ship in and out of a port.

Better than yesterday

Make decisions using the same information as everyone involved.

Avoid wasting time chasing up information and expensive communication slowdowns.

Vantage brings all port information together and automatically keeps everyone up to date.

An image showing pilots, captains and operators computers all looking at the same information.

Quickly find the information you need, make a decision and stay focused on the job.

Traditional Port software is slow, clunky and poorly designed.

Vantage is relaxingly simple and quick to navigate. It’s there to assist you, not to distract you.

A phone running the Vantage software

Safer than yesterday

Uncertainty means missed opportunities and increased risk

Spot negative surges in advanced to inform your schedules and allocate the right resources.

Vantage gives you surge predictions 7 days up ahead so you can reduce risk with clarity.

Binoculars looking out to a warning symbol.

See what action was taken vs. what was possible without changing how you work.

It’s more than difficult to know where to improve or why something went wrong without a paper trail.

Vantage automatically builds a track record of each action taken giving you all the information you need to be better tomorrow.

Graph showing what actions what taken vs what actions were possible

Faster than yesterday

Spot positive surges in advance.

Being unaware of extra water means enormous missed opportunities.

Vantage gives you surge predictions 7 days ahead, so you can capitalise on extra water: Load extra cargo, reduce the number of cranes or move more ships during the window.

A graph showing a surge of water in 3 days time.

Setting a plan for a ship’s arrival is time consuming.

As conditions continually change, evaluate the viability of your schedule without lifting a finger.

Vantage continually monitors conditions such as water levels and wind gusts that might affect your schedule. Any important changes are brought to everyone's attention for action.

A graphic showing a plan undergoing evaluation every 5 minutes.

Take the Uptake.

What does an extra 10cms actually give us?

For a typical Suezmax Oil Tanker, an additional 10cm can be worth:


Of additional cargo for every trip.

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